ready, set, go?

In my dream I was running.  I did not know where I was going or why I was running.  I kept running.  There was a dog behind me.  His black fur glistened and his tongue lolled from his monstrous gaping fanged mouth as he panted and continued at a pace without falter.  Blindly I stumbled on until I came to a fence and started climbing.  My hands and feet fit into the chain link spaces and it swung low to the ground from the weight of my body.  I could feel the breath of my pursuant on my neck and I heaved myself upward and swung myself over the top.  Safely I looked around.  I  stood in a grass meadow surrounded by three crumbling concrete and brick walls, through the fence I could see my assailant watching.  Imprisoned by my safety I wandered the circumference and realized I needed to continue on.  I climbed and walked along the tops of the walls, behind me bits of concrete falling to the ground.  Looking for the beast I spotted him, waiting for me patiently, he sat catching his breath.  I felt safer with him there and suddenly I wondered if he wasn’t chasing me after all, but running with me as a companion.


  1. We just checked it out after Kamile gave me the address. Impressive, to me. James says keep writing.

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