Happy What?

Valentine’s day is an atrocious holiday.  Don’t be green in the gills about it.  Why let societal pressure force you to spend money, time, and emotions feeling stressed out, lonely or inept?  Revolt!  Love yourself.  Make a batch of oatmeal-craisin-walnut cookies.  Your house will smell amazing, and these are so full of delicious and good for you ingredients that it’s more than ok to have another.  If you want to take a personal day and stay in bed with these cookies, I won’t judge you.  I intended to eat them all myself, but they turned out so good that I want to share.  This morning I just didn’t want to eat my oatmeal, but I had a hankering for a snackable breakfast item to take to work, have with coffee, or munch on while staring vacantly into the fridge while deciding what else to eat.  I rarely bake, because I don’t like to follow directions, and therefore I am not one to go whipping up a batch of anything.  I was very nervous.  I pulled out mixing bowls, measuring cups, and all the ingredients.  The counter was a cluttered mess.  Hmmm, I studied the back of my oatmeal container.  Almost immediately something went wrong when I decided that, to soften the butter I should pop it in the toaster oven.  I caught it just before it disintegrated completely into a pool.  Subsequently, I still have a significant amount of butter which resembles a yellow lake on a piece of aluminum foil.  Nevertheless I began to feel very domestic and hopeful, probably because using stainless steel mixing bowls gives the demeanor of expertise.  It’s true.  The recipe said raisins or walnuts were optional.  I used craisins, walnuts, and added a chopped up medium size granny smith apple.  I assumed this would cause problems, but I failed to realize that substituting sugar in the raw for honey would lead to my cookie dough to being not doughy, but dry and clumpy.  This is the sort of thing that always gets me into trouble but I never learn my lesson.  I added a bit of almond milk.  Not good enough, so I splashed in some buttermilk.  Finally I had a bowl of something that had the consistency of what people put on cookie sheets.  But before I get excited I need to taste test.  The instructions said ten minutes, nervously I moved the cookie sheet up a rack so the bottoms wouldn’t burn and gave them another five minutes.  My stomach began to ache from the teasing aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, butter and maple.  I thought: I am an adult, I can exercise patience.  Finally the moment of truth: before rendering a verdict I helped myself to another.  Slowly, in disbelief, I admitted that they had turned out absolutely perfectly the way I had hoped!


I am sorry if misled you into thinking that this was a recipe, the moral of this story is: do what you feel like doing, I can’t really tell you how to make your own cookies then can I?  Whatever you do tomorrow, have a beautiful day!  xoxo, margotjo.

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