The Promise of Beauty


I am a sucker for the promise of beauty.  Soft, supple, glowing, youthful, age defying, correcting, perfecting; I have spent hours of my life trying to decide which assurance I will allow myself to believe.  Each season poses a different hair and skin question.  My ethnic mix  has defied many a product-promise yet I continue to seek the answer brow furrowed in concentration, reading through labels.  Finally, bleary-eyed and doubtful I make my way to the cashier clutching my finds.  I carry home my bag of potions and the next day I peer into the mirror with wicked expectation, I will try anything.

Recently I discovered an all natural DIY intense moisture hair and face mask.  So freakin easy it’s crazy, and I absolutely love the results!  Winter in Manhattan is so harsh on the skin, the cold and wind, the drying-heat, that makes this the perfect time of the year to try it.  One trip to the grocery store and I was able to compile all of my ingredients.  It took me twenty minutes to whip up a batch of this stuff which lasted me a week in the refrigerator.  When you see and feel your skin you’ll want to do it again the next day.  I shared it with a few people and I still had enough for four applications.  I even went to the gym with it in my hair, hoping that the added body heat from a cardio session would make it a deep condition.  No scientific proof but, my hair seemed to like it.  I love the idea of shopping for ingredients that you can eat and put on your skin, no questionable lab experiments necessary.  Free People blog Beauty section  is an incredible resource for recipes which is where I found this one:  2-In-1 Homemade Moisturizing Mask For Face & Hair.

bananas, avocados and coconut oil, just waiting for the magic to be unleashed!
I added vanilla to make the mask smell less ‘raw’ although the recipe did not call for this. *Vanilla, a scent frequently associated with beauty products, has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties known to relax nerves and ease muscle strain. Take 45 minutes out of your day to relax your face and scalp, and give yourself an at home spa treatment.

so I have applied the mask to my face and hair, I left the mask on my face until it dried and felt tight, about 30 minutes, maybe more.  I left the hair mask on for a few hours even though it said 45 mins.

After I mashed the ingredients with a fork, I pureed it in a blender until it was smooth enough to spread and there were no chunks.

I have applied the mask to my face and hair.  It is a bit goopy and kind of gross looking, but it smells fantastic.  I left it on my face until it dried and tightened, about 30 minutes, maybe a few more.  Although the recipe said 45 mins for hair, I left it on for a few hours and went to the gym.



I removed the mask with cold water and a cotton wash cloth which naturally exfoliates so there is no need for harsh scrubbing.  After I patted my skin dry with the same wash cloth I followed up with a toner as this is my daily routine; ( I use an alcohol free, cucumber and witch hazel toner).  I was immediately impressed with the results; my skin felt notably softer, and had a luminous sheen.  My curls, soft and springy, are defined and have an intense dark color which is the telltale sign that my hair is moisture infused.  I consider this to be my first discovery of a real beauty secret and I am excited to share, enjoy!

xoxo, margotjo

* vanilla is available in multiple forms, vanilla extract can have alcohol added which is dehydrating.

special thanks to @FPBrigette, I don’t know you but I love you for this!

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