Loaded Baked Potato Spinach Salad

Bacon and cheese make everything better.  Just because I’m eating spinach every day, and often times in salad form, that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna have fun with my food.  One of my favorite things to eat is a baked potato, and I love to load it up.  This turned out to be so good, we’ve decided that it needs to make a reappearance for Christmas brunch, topped with a fried egg.


This is easy to plate up, but takes a little time to prepare so put on a pot of coffee when you have an hour to spend in the kitchen.  First I cooked the bacon in a cast iron skillet, slowly on low to get the perfect crisp for crumbling into bits.  Being the lover of bacon that I am, I wanted to cook the potatoes in the leftover bacon grease.  I used an Idaho potato and added a medium shallot, and some dried chives for seasoning.  I added enough water so that the potatoes were half submerged and covered the pan allowing everything to simmer and soften, (about 20 minutes).



While the potatoes are cooking, and the bacon is cooling, I am grating cheddar cheese and shredding my spinach.  The spinach is the bed, warm potatoes go on top because it’s fine for some of the spinach to be a little wilted.  Sprinkle the cheese generously over the warm potatoes so that you get that delicious gooey melted cheese consistency.  Finish with freshly ground pepper and bacon bits.  This brunch salad needs no dressing and is an all-in-one balanced meal that pops with flavor as well as satisfies.

Day one, challenge met; twenty days left to get back in the habit of eating spinach every day, spinach every way!


margotjo the spinachjunkie

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