jetset: nyc to miami



Miami.  It’s Caribbean meets cosmopolitan.  A United States tropical getaway; fusing culture, cuisines, tropical paradise and architecture, Miami has something for everyone.  With a nightlife that can begin in the afternoon and end after noon, from the Design District to the Museum district, as a tourist, a traveler, or simply a vacationer, your options are limited to your will.


Hit the beach and soak up the sunshine or sit in a shaded cafe on Ocean drive to witness the endless parade of people watching, after sunset is the perfect time for a jog along the beach through Lummus Park.  You can join the parade and take a walking tour through Miami Beach, enjoying the open air museum of architectural style that is distinct to South Beach.  If passing through one of the many decadent hotel lobbies invokes feelings of old-school glamour, that’s because many of the structures have been protected from demolition and restored to reflect the original designs from as early as the 1920’s.  Efforts by the Miami Design Preservation League are well noted as the Art Deco District in Miami Beach is historically recognized, celebrating three predominant architecture styles: Mediterranean Revival, MiMo (Miami Modernism) and Art Deco.  A convenient way to get around South Beach is the SoBe Local, a frequent and inexpensive bus designed for visitors to access popular destinations.

There are also fun pockets of Miami in which to escape the SoBe scene such as Little Havana and an easy stroll down Calle Ocho.  Another neighborhood not to be missed is the much acclaimed Wynwood Art District.  Comprised of over 70 galleries, museums and art collections it is one of the largest open-air-street-art installations in the world, and home to a permanent outdoor mural exhibit known as The Wynwood Walls.  If you happen to be around the second Saturday of the month, you can check out the monthly art fair know as Art Walk, a festival of art, food, and music set up like a big block party.

Miami is a beach city that doesn’t sleep.  Cocktail hour is whatever hour you want it to be so when you are ready to unwind there are bartenders everywhere waiting to impress you with inventive craft cocktails.  Hotels and restaurants compete for ambiance and presentation which makes indulging in libations at one of these hot spots a great way to get a taste of Miami. With so many options for activities and exploration there is only one thing I absolutely insist that you partake, and that is catching the setting sun as it disappears behind the Miami city skyline bathing the bay in a brazen glory of pink, orange and golden vibrancy, best done at the aptly named Sunset




reasons to visit:

the sunshine, because you need some vitamin D

the beach, because the sand between your toes and the waves crashing on the shore and the ocean breeze on your face

the skies, because palm tree sillhouetes and sunsets

the tacos, because we all love them, and it’s more fun to eat them in the sunshine by the beach under palm trees

because palm trees and sunshine and sunsets and tacos go together



special thanks

to Taquiza, your delicious tacos and a cold beer saved my life one hungover day when seeking refuge from the sun, there you were with a shaded patio only steps away from the beach. at 15th and Collins ave – Taquiza Miami

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