Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

And by fun, I mean drink a lot of wine.

To celebrate National Wine Day I bundled up and braved the cold with a brisk walk to BTL Harlem, one of my favorite wine boutiques to wander into and find something I’ve never had, that I never knew I needed, but now I have to have.  What I found was one of the most interesting white wines I have yet to encounter.  A Pecorino.  That’s right, like the cheese.

Well I never!

Well then I simply must!

Legend has it, that this long forgotten grape was rediscovered growing in a ravine and has made a comeback after feared extinction.  That is reason enough to spur my excitement.  It is an Italian white wine and this one by Terra Mea has at-ti-tude.  Funky like James Brown, right of the bat I got smacked with a whiff of tobacco and liquorice, followed by a burst of almost over-ripe kiwi and elegant lemon-citrus in my mouth that practically jumped out of the glass and danced on my tongue.  She’s not a wallflower white wine, and with such a fascinating personality I want her at my dinner party.



If I’m tasting at home I like to have a few snacks to experiment with how my palate is affected by fat, acid, citrus, salt, and sugar.  Bread and water are for wiping the chalk board clean in between sips and keeping sober enough to remember the wine itself.

I’ll be on the lookout for more Pecorino to compare and add to this post!  For a comprehensive background on Pecorino wine see Fringe Wine

thanks for visiting!

xoxo, margotjowino



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