Table Mountain, Cape Town

view of table mountain from the V&A Waterfront

Table Mountain on a clear, sunny day, is a spectacular and breathtaking experience.  More than just an incredible cable car ride up to the top for a scenic view, you are free to explore as much as you wish to wander.  Once at the top, Table Mountain is very walk/hiker friendly.  Bright yellow painted footprints, wooden walkways, and stone paths have been created to follow back to the starting point for even the most directionally challenged (me).  A day spent walking around the mountain will take your breath away, although mostly in awe, I did arrive back at the platform four-and-a-half-hours later quite exhausted.  Spending an afternoon into evening offers a panorama of day to sunset, dusk into twilight, a spectrum of the days beauty.  As the sun sets, a siren wails to alert the last hikers that it’s time to return to catch the last cable down.  Nightfall settles and Capetown slips on a gown of black darkness; glittering gold and diamonds, the city shimmers in the distance below.   

Did you know that out of the six World Floral Kingdoms, The Cape is it’s own?  Boasting a unique biodiversity this is all the more reason to commit a few hours to appreciating this stunning geological destination.  The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway provides convenient access and is a tourist treat in itself, with connecting transportation.  Of course, you can absolutely hike or climb the mountain and there are plenty of trails which allow for a more serene and natural experience.  Also, be aware that the cable car que is long; I waited about an hour each way to get up and back down, albeit the most scenic waiting line ever and I’m not complaining not one little bit.









Just a few side notes:

If you are planning a visit to Table Mountain I recommend checking this website as the cable car schedule is weather permitting.  Speaking of the weather, while visiting Capetown I noticed sudden shifts in winds with drastic hot to chilly changes as well as intense sunlight, so remember your sunscreen and carry an extra layer or jacket!  And one last thing, the bus stops running before the cable car does, so if you want to catch that night view plan to take a cab back.


Thanks for reading, happy travels!  

 All pictures and words by margotjo



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