A Martini with a Twist

Are you a gin drinker? I’m not. I have enjoyed a few gin and tonics on a beautiful day, perhaps by the lake or sitting outside a cafe. I am in fact a drinker of many things, because I am a bartender, and lo and behold this beautiful gin came into my life and I needed to create something with it.

“Saffron Gin is the result of an alliance between Great Britian for it’s London Dry Gin, India for it’s spice and French know-how developed by Gabriel Boudier, manufactured entirely at Dijon.” – (Boudier.com)   Boudier is a micro distiller using traditional pot stills and a 19th century Indian colonial recipe. It contains nine fresh botanicals: juniper, coriander, orange peel, lemon, fennel, iris, angelica seeds and the saffron.

The saffron is added post-distillation maceration period lending to a beautiful sunset color of pinkish, orangish, copper-golden hints. The actual flavor of the saffron is subtle, the gin itself is delicate and blends well with other clean and delicate products.

Inspired by the Vesper martini I particularly like the C.Comoz Vermouth Blanc, as it is more light bodied, soft, and floral than the typical call for Lillet Blanc in this cocktail. I add a few drops of orange bitters, a half ounce of vodka and finish with a lemon twist. Since I’ve adjusted the recipe it seems fitting to adjust the name. I’m looking down and the pink shiny color of a brand new penny is reflected in my nick-and-nora glass, should we call it the Moneypenny?



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